If you are like the many people who worry about their pets when they leave home for work, a cat water fountain can help to put your mind at rest. Even if you are popping out for the afternoon, you need to know your feline has a constant supply of water and a cat water fountain is a great solution that provides a flow of water for longer periods.

There are numerous designs and capacities available and since technology has come a long way, you can even get added extras including different filters, varying flow speeds, particularly quiet fountains, and other impressive features. Because there are so many to choose from, we have saved you hours of research to bring you the very best.

#1 Veken Pet Fountain

10 Best Cat Water Fountains in 2022

Hands down the best cat water fountain on the market as the triple action filter provides the purest water for your cat. With a 2.5L capacity, it removes chlorine and filters hair residue to keep the water clean and comes with 3 additional filters. It is remarkably quiet so it will not disturb their play and does not use a lot of power so it can be left on for long periods. You can choose from 3 different flows that vary in speed and strength so you can tailor it to your cat’s preference. Easy to assemble and incredibly popular, it comes with a non-slip mat to keep it in place and make sure spills are minimal, it is the most complete product on the market.

 Pros: 3 different flows
Comes with 3 additional filters
Keeps water pure and clean
Easy to assemble
Very quiet and low power consumption

#2 Wonder Creature Cat Water Fountain Stainless Steel

10 Best Cat Water Fountains in 2022

For a cat water fountain made from stainless steel, this is the best. The durable materials look good in any home the fresh look is complemented by the flower design fountain that can be removed to offer 3 different types of water flow. It has a 2,4L capacity and comes with everything you need for pure water including 3 replacement filters and cleaning brushes. The stainless steel top is dishwasher safe making it more hygienic and there is even an LED light that reminds you to top up the water when required.

 Pros: Stainless steel looks great
3 different types of water flow
LED light

 Cons: Not as quiet as other cat water fountains

#3 isYoung Cat Fountain LED Pet Water Fountain


With a modern design and discreet filter that doesn’t make a lot of noise, isYoung has created one of the best cat water fountains in terms of design and functionality. It can hold up to 51oz of water which is more than enough for long days out and means you won’t need to continually top it up. The base is fine to go in the top shelf of a dishwasher and you can even adjust the water value to increase or decrease flow. The LED makes it easy to find in the night and reminds your pet that it is there.

 Pros: Looks great
Quiet filter
Adjustable water flow

 Cons: Can be difficult to install the LED bulb

#4 Catit Flower Fountain: 3L Cat Water Fountain


The flower design cat water fountain is a popular one, and we think it looks great. 3 water flow settings should please fussy cats who need everything to be perfect. Made from BPA-free materials it has a big 3L capacity meaning you can leave the house for work and know your pets are going to be hydrated all day. It has a water softening filter that removes impurities and is energy efficient, saving money on bills. It is important to clean the pump and fountain once a month to maintain the high standards it sets.

 Pros: 3 water flow settings
3L capacity
Energy efficient

 Cons: Motor isn’t as strong as some competitors

#5 PetSafe Drinkwell Platinum or 1 Gallon Cat and Dog Water Fountain


A reliable option for homes with cats and dogs, this water fountain is versatile and holds around 1.3 gallons of water to keep your pets hydrated all day long. It filters water to improve the taste so even the fussy felines will love it, this also cleans out impurities so you know they are getting the best hydration possible. There is a built-in reservoir which means you need to refill it less and it has an adjustable stream so you can make sure it is to your cat’s preference. The materials are BPA-free and it has a ramp allows the water to flow without making noise when it is not being used.

 Pros: Holds 1.3 gallons of water
Filters water for better taste
Ramo reduces noise

 Cons: Can be difficult to clean properly

#6 Cat Mate Pet Fountain


A great fountain for homes with more than one cat as the multi-levels of this fountain allows your cats to share the space. The ramp carries the overflow down to the bottom level, reducing spills and keeping the device quiet. The pump is isolated and hidden meaning it makes even less noise. It features a poly-carbon filter system that purifies the water and owners of this fountain can purchase additional filters to make sure their cats always have the cleanest, best-tasting water. With a 70oz capacity, it isn’t the biggest but has enough for most households and comes with a 3-year guarantee.

 Pros: Multi level water supply
Quiet fountain
3-year guarantee

 Cons: Cats can spill water so use a mat

#7 IPETTIE Tritone Ceramic Pet Drinking Fountain


For an alternative to plastic, the more hygienic design of this ceramic cat water fountain is a great option. It is eco-friendly and the pleasant look of this product will fit into any household. The free-falling design has been made to make water enticing to cats, and because it has triple layers to flow down it increases oxygen levels. There is a foam filter to stop hair from getting near the pump and with a low 2W of power being consumed, it is super quiet. Easy to clean and assemble, it is great value considering the quality of the materials.

 Pros: Ceramic
Free-flow design increases oxygen in the water

 Cons: Can be expensive for some people

#8 PetSafe Drinkwell Multi-Tier Dog and Cat Water Fountain


The pleasant design of this cat water fountain means it will fit nicely into most homes, taking up more room than most but that is because of the big 100 oz water capacity. The two tiers combined with a large amount of water it holds means it is great for homes with more than one pet but even if you have just the one cat, the two tiers give them more options, encouraging them to hydrate. It features a carbon filter that cleans water and a quiet motor that does not disturb their sleep. An all-round intuitive water fountain.

 Pros: Looks great
Large 100 oz capacity

 Cons: Might be too big for some peoples taste

#9 NPET Cat Water Fountain


This clear water fountain has a simple look and does everything you would expect it to. The tap pushes water out at a comfortable height for cats and features a multi-stage filtration system that filters hair and residue as well as improving the taste of the water. The transparent look makes it easy for you to see when the water needs refilling and shows where it might need a clean. Made from materials that are free from BPA and toxins, it is easy to install and allows you to know your cat is getting a reliable supply of high-quality water, using an enticing fountain method that they will love.

 Pros: Filters improve the taste of water
Transparent design shows you when you need to refill

 Cons: 1.6L capacity isn’t as high as others

#10 PetSafe Drinkwell 360 Multi-Pet Stainless Steel Cat Fountain


Even the number 10 cat water fountain is an excellent choice with its stainless steel design and huge water capacity. It holds up to 128oz of water making it one of the biggest you can find and makes it suitable for dogs and cats to share. You can choose how many of the 5 streams are in operation at any time and when they are all on, out offers 360 degrees of drinking water. They come with replaceable carbon water filters to improve its purity and it has a noise-reducing ramp to allow water to fall quietly.

 Pros: Big 128 oz capacity
360 degrees of water

 Cons: One of the more expensive cat water fountains

 Cat Water Fountain Buyer’s Guide

No one likes to leave kitty for even a few hours, but when you need to be out of the house for longer than usual, knowing she has a constant flow of clean water is a weight off your mind. This is why so many people are turning to a cat water fountain, but until you have tried one in your home, it can be difficult to tell which is best. 

This is why we have created the following buyer’s guide. By the end of it, you’ll know exactly what the products worth buying are capable of.

 What To Look For In A Cat Water Fountain


This becomes increasingly important the more cats there are in a household but the capacity still needs to hold a decent amount of water either way. Most brands tend to give at least 1.5 liters and above to ensure there is always a supply of flowing water. Also, consider the type of food the cat is eating, if it is dry then they may consume more water than if they were eating wet cat food.

 Replaceable Filters

To keep the water clean, most reputable water fountains use filters. These purify the water and get rid of chemicals and hair to make it healthier and better than your standard tap water. A sign of a good company is one that includes additional filters.

 Quality Materials

To make sure the cat water fountain lasts a long time, it needs to be made from durable materials. Any plastic needs to be free from toxins to make sure it is safe for a cat to drink from and it should come with a reputation for being well built. 

 Whisper Quiet Operation

Although some brands are going to promise their near-silent machines will barely be heard, this is not always the case. Look for user reviews to back these claims up. The benefit is a water fountain that does not disturb the vibe of a house and will not discourage a cat from coming close. 

 Different Flow Settings

Some brands may only come with one flow setting which is fine if your cat happens to like that particular speed. Because all cats are different it can be good to have a choice.

 LED Light

Because their eyes are sensitive to dim light, cats tend to be able to see well when the sun goes down. However, it can be good to give them a little help and an LED light not only looks pleasant but can help a senior cat drink in comfort at night. 

 Energy Efficient

Not every cat water fountain is as efficient as one might like. The last thing you want is for the batteries to run out, or for an electronic product to hike the electricity bills up too much. There are plenty of brands making products that do not consume a lot of energy which is better for the environment, and your bills. 

 Easy To Clean

To keep the cat water fountain hygienic, it needs regular cleaning. Some products are easier to clean than others and these are often the ones that have parts that can go in the dishwasher. This can ensure a thorough cleanse so the next time the water is flowing, it is coming from a hygienic source. 

 Pleasant Design

When your cat isn’t using the fountain, you are going to have to walk past it day in day out. So, the design still needs to look pleasant. With numerous designs available, there are plenty to choose from. 

 Why Do Cats Like Water Fountains?

There are many reasons why these products have become popular with pet owners, and the fact, cats prefer to drink from flowing water. Their instincts tell them that stagnant water isn’t the best source of clean water, especially since their vision is not so strong close-up. Flowing water is more likely to be clean and drinkable.

Also, cats are picky eaters and drinkers which is why this has to be just right. Even in the wild, a cat doesn’t drink as much as one might think which is why it is good to use a preferable source like a water fountain.

 Is A Cat Water Fountain Safe?

These products are both safe to use and are a reliable way of ensuring your feline friend has all the fluid they need daily. Because of the quality of the water that is being dispensed, it is safer than a regular bowl of old water. The filtration system helps to remove bacteria and keeps the water hygienic.

 How Can I Get A Cat To Drink From A Water Fountain?

Not every cat will take to a new gadget being in their favorite drinking place straight away, but some things can be done to encourage them to use it. Sometimes it is a matter of placing it in an area they feel safe in so if they usually drink under the stairs or in the kitchen, try there first. 

Try to maintain some distance between the water and their food bowl as cats wouldn’t naturally keep the two close. Also, make sure it is away from the litter tray as this is another area they would avoid drinking nearby. A useful approach can be to fill the fountain with water, but don’t turn it on until your at has drunk from it as it is so they know it is a safe source. After a while, turn the fountain on but only for a short while, and build this up over time until it can be left on.

 How Much Does A Cat Water Fountain Cost?

Although these neat devices are among the most popular for cat owners, they are not expensive. The good news is that a cat water fountain can cost as little as $15 for a decent product. However, a high-end fountain might set you back a little more, but don;lt expect it to creep over the $50 mark unless there is something special about it.


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