Cat litter that creates clumps up after it comes into contact with cat wastes is a modern technological miracle that cat owners have waited for years to get. It not only keeps annoying cat box odors to a minimum but also makes it extremely easy to clean up the box after the cat has done its business. This makes for not only a cleaner box but also a happier cat and a much happier cat owner.

Of course, not all of these litters work as well as they should, so cat owners need to consider all of their options before they run out and buy a new litter. To help our readers with the task of sorting through the various cat litters, we’ve composed the following list that details the ten best clumping cat litters currently available.

#1 Arm & Hammer Cloud Control Platinum


Arm & Hammer Cloud Control Platinum is the best clumping cat litter currently available, and that’s because it manages to combine all of the features that cat owners want out of a product into one convenient to use cat litter. Even though this product is a little more expensive than some competing litters, it controls odors better than just about any product we’ve tried. It also clumps well, is dust-free, and doesn’t require daily scooping. All of which makes it a first-class product in our humble opinions.

 Pros: Provides the best odor control in its class
Clumps up extremely well
Doesn’t require daily scooping
Doesn’t track as badly as other brands

 Cons: Costs more than some competing litters

#2 Purina Tidy Cats Free & Clean Litter


This unscented kitty litter is not only suitable for multiple cats, but it’s capable of dealing with ammonia odors without using fragrances. Instead of covering up troublesome kitty waste with fragrances, this product uses the power of carbon to absorb them. That makes this little not only dust-free but also light as well. And since it doesn’t contain fragrances or dyes, it’s also better suited for cats that may have allergy problems. Everything considered, it’s an inexpensive litter that provides high-quality results.

 Pros: This product is inexpensive
It’s virtually dust-free
It clumps up well
It doesn’t require daily scooping

 Cons: Package is heavy and bulky

#3 Fresh Step Ultra Unscented Cat Litter


Not everyone can tolerate the fragrances that are added to a lot of cat litters, so it’s refreshing to find this unscented formula. Instead of using perfumes to cover up ammonia odors, it eliminates them using activated charcoal. The charcoal in this product reduces bacterial growth and helps to absorb foul odors. The result is a dust-free litter that clumps well, keeps down odors, and doesn’t cost a whole lot of money. Overall, it’s a litter that any kitty parent can appreciate.

 Pros: Keeps cat odors to a minimum
Clumps up nicely
Is an inexpensive product
Is virtually dust-free

 Cons: Packaging is heavy and bulky

#4 Smart Cat All Natural Litter


When most people hear that this product is made out of 100% grass, they’re a bit skeptical as to its effectiveness. However, that skepticism quickly disappears when they begin using it. That’s because this product clumps extremely well and does an amazing job at reducing odor. It’s also a lightweight litter that’s 99% dust-free and doesn’t require daily scooping. Sure, it’s a bit more expensive than most every other litter, but it does do a good job and might be a solution for someone looking for an all-natural litter for their home.

 Pros: Does an amazing job of clumping
Doesn’t require daily scooping
Is 99.9% dust-free
It’s an all-natural product

 Cons: It is very expensive

#5 Purina Tidy Cats Instant Action Litter


Although this product’s 40-pound box is a bit difficult to handle and use because of its weight and odd shape, the heavy-weight cat litter that’s in it does an amazing job. This product clumps very well, it doesn’t require everyday scooping, and it is suitable for households with multiple cats. It’s also 99.9% dust-free and offers immediate control of cat waste odors. All of which makes it a fine product to use by just about any household with multiple cats.

 Pros: Reduces the odor from multiple cats
It clumps well
Doesn’t require daily scooping

 Cons: Package is difficult to handle and pour

#6 Purina Tidy Cats 24/7 Performance Cat Litter


This 40-pound pail of cat litter is one of the more inexpensive litters available, but it does a pretty good job at keeping kitty odors down. It doesn’t require daily scooping, doesn’t produce a whole lot of dust, and handles ammonia odors quite well. And it does an especially good job of clumping so cat wastes can be easily scooped. Although cats tend to track this litter quite a bit, it still is a product that’s worth considering because of its price and effectiveness alone.

 Pros: Doesn’t require a lot of scooping
Is relatively dust-free

 Cons: There’s a good amount of tracking with this litter

#7 World’s Best Cat Litter Clumping Formula


Even though this product may think a little too highly of itself by calling itself the World’s Best Cat Litter, we do have to say that it’s a pretty good product. It’s expensive, but it is a lightweight formula and is 99% dust-free. Cats don’t seem to track it as much as they do other clay litters and it seems to be a hypoallergenic product that won’t irritate cats skin. All in all, it’s a great product, it’s just not the world best product.

 Pros: Cats don’t track it too much
Clumps well and keeps odors down

 Cons: It’s an expensive litter

#8 Dr. Elsey’s Ultra Premium Litter


We’re not exactly sure who Dr. Elsey is, but we do know that they make a pretty good cat litter. This product is not only 99% dust-free, but it does an amazing job of clumping and keeps box odors to a minimum. And that is pretty amazing because this litter is also designed to be hypoallergenic, so it doesn’t contain any perfumes or deodorants in its formulation. Although cats do tend to track this litter a bit too much, it is a good product that keeps kitty odors down quite well.

 Pros: Keeps cat urine odors to a minimum
Doesn’t require daily scooping

 Cons: Cats tend to track it a bit too much

#9 Boxiecat Premium Clay Cat Litter


This clumping kitty litter might come in a whimsical bag, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t a serious product. In fact, this litter does an amazing job at reducing ammonia odor, and it doesn’t need to be scooped out all that often. We’ve found that if the product is scooped out two or three times a week, then it really does keep the kitty odors to a minimum. It’s capable of doing that because as soon as cat waste is deposited, it begins to form solid clumps that are easy to remove from the box. Although cats do tend to track this litter more than comparable models, it’s still a pretty good litter for any cat owner.

 Pros: This product clumps very well
Only needs to be cleaned several times a week

 Cons: Cats tend to track this litter out of the box

#10 Ultra Pet Crystal Cat Litter


This clumping cat litter is made using silica gel crystals instead of using clay as ordinary litters do. The result is a mixture that clumps very well and does a great job of keeping down ammonia odors, but only if the cat litter is willing to scoop it every day. Although that was kind of disappointing considering that the product does suggest that twice a week scooping is sufficient to keep down odors, it’s doesn’t keep this litter from being a good product. That’s because cats tend to track this litter less than they do clay litters. And while that might not be enough to put it at the top of the list, it is enough for it to make our top ten list in the first place.

 Pros: Tracks less than clay litters
It clumps very easily

 Cons: Has to be scooped daily for best results


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