10 Best-Grain-Free-Cat-Foods-in-2022

Generally speaking, cats usually thrive on a diet that has more meat in it than a human’s diet, but some cats are especially allergic to grain-products. In those instances, it’s better if the pet owner finds a grain-free formula that eliminates corn, wheat, soy, or rice completely from the cat’s diet so they don’t have to suffer an allergic reaction when they eat. To help those pet parents find the best grain-free cat foods currently available to buy, we did the research and have listed the brands that we found to be exceptionally high-quality. Below are the results of our search.

#1 Nutro Wild Frontier Dry Cat Food


This quality grain-free cat food is designed to replicate the diet of cats in the wild. It not only contains real chicken as its primary ingredient, but it also contains fish and salmon meals for added antioxidants. But those aren’t the only healthy ingredients to be found in this dry food. It also contains a blend of other ingredients that provide the cat with the vitamins and minerals they need for a healthy lifestyle. Some of the ingredients include alfalfa meal, dried beet pulp, flaxseed, potato protein, and chicken fat. All of which come together to make a healthy high-protein low-carb cat food.

 Pros: Chicken is its #1 ingredient
Contains antioxidants
Is a low-carb formula

 Cons: Cost more than comparable cat foods

#2 Crave High-Protein Dry Cat Food


Although this product tends to be more expensive than other traditional cat foods, some people feel like it’s worth the extra cost. That’s because it’s a grain-free formula that’s made with chicken as its number one ingredient and doesn’t contain any chicken by-product meal in its formula. It’s also free of soy protein, a common ingredient used as a filler in many feline foods. What this product does contain, however, is a high-protein blend that’s nutritionally complete and does a good job of supporting a feline’s health.

 Pros: Contains 40% protein
Chicken is the #1 ingredient
Contains no soy or by-product meals

 Cons: This food is a bit expensive

#3 Purina Beyond Natural Grain-Free


With ocean whitefish as its primary ingredient and without many of the fillers found in other cat foods, this formula is destined to become a favorite among many cat owners. Some of the ingredients that can be found in this grain-free and well-rounded formula include beef fat, dried sweet potatoes, dried yeast, pea fiber, canola oil, and natural liver flavor. What won’t be found in this formula is any grain, and that includes no wheat, no soy, and no corn. And that makes it a healthier choice than some of the other commercial cat food varieties.

 Pros: Ocean whitefish is the #1 ingredient
Made without corn, wheat or soy

 Cons: Kibble is larger than most cat food kibble

#4 Blue Buffalo Wilderness High-Protein


This high-quality grain-free cat food is made with ingredients that most cat owners would be proud to feed to their cat. The number one listed ingredient in this food is deboned chicken, and that quality protein source is followed by other healthy ingredients such as chicken meal, pea protein, and fish meal. Although this food does seem to concentrate its vitamins and chelated minerals into life source bits, which is often skipped over by many cats due to them being so hard, it’s otherwise a great cat food that keeps cats quite healthy.

 Pros: Deboned chicken is the #1 ingredient
Provides antioxidants for the cat’s immune system
Contains a lot of protein

 Cons: Lifesource bits are too hard for some cats to eat

#5 Purina Cat Chow Naturals Cat Food


This formula is not only well-loved by most cats, but also provides cats with a great deal of protein. Although meat isn’t its first listed ingredient, it does have a list of ingredients that contribute to the overall health of a cat. Some of the ingredients that can be found in this formula include soy flour, pea starch, chicken by-product meal, beef fat, pea starch, and dried yeast. It’s also a product that’s manufactured in the U.S from quality ingredients and is nutritionally balanced for all adult cats.

 Pros: Contains no artificial colors or flavors
Has a lot of protein

 Cons: Chicken by-product meal is the #1 ingredient

#6 Whole Earth Farms Grain-Free Recipe


This high-quality cat food is suitable for anyone looking to switch their cat to a grain-free diet but doesn’t want to spend a fortune to do it. This protein is less expensive than many comparable brands and is nutritionally complete for good cat health. Although turkey meal is its #1 ingredient, instead of real meat, it’s still a quality food. Some of the ingredients that can be found in this formula include peas, pea protein, dried yeast culture, turkey, duck, and a blend of vitamins and minerals.

 Pros: Isn’t very expensive
Is a nutritionally complete formula

 Cons: Turkey meal is #1 ingredient

#7 Wellness Core Natural Dry Cat Food


Although this is one of the more expensive cat foods available, it also contains some of the best ingredients of any grain-free food. It has deboned chicken as its number one ingredient, so pet owners can rest assured that their cats are going to get the protein they need. Other ingredients that can be found in this high-quality cat food includes turkey and chicken meals, tomato pomace, potatoes, ground flaxseed, chicory root extract, chicken fat, dried kelp and a whole lot of vitamins and minerals.

 Pros: Deboned chicken is the #1 ingredient
Contains no artificial preservatives

 Cons: It costs more than most cat foods

#8 Instinct Original Grain-Free Recipe


This high-quality cat food is made with chicken as its first ingredient and is made without using potatoes, corn, wheat, or soy. It’s also a product that doesn’t contain artificial preservatives. The ingredients that can be found in this formula include chicken, chicken and turkey meal, fish meal, peas, chicken fat, dried tomato pomace, apples, cranberries, minerals, vitamins, and freeze-dried chicken. It’s also made with freeze-dried live, dried chicken heart and pumpkin seeds. Although it may not be well tolerated by some cats with allergies, for most felines is a high-quality meal that is nutritionally complete.

 Pros: Made without by-product meal
Made without preservatives

 Cons: May not be tolerated well by cats with allergies

#9 Natural Balance LID Dry Cat Food


Natural Balance LID is a dry cat food that’s designed to meet the nutritional needs of adult cats. It’s a grain-free formula that uses quality protein sources such as salmon to meet the cat’s daily nutritional requirements. Although this cat food does contain more peas than meat, it is also supplemented with additional vitamins and minerals. It’s a food that’s well tolerated by just about any cat and is like by just about any cat who tries it. Overall, it’s a quality product that keeps cats happy and healthy.

 Pros: Made with salmon
Provides well balanced nutrition

 Cons: Peas are its number one ingredient

#10 Purina ONE Natural Adult Canned Wet Cat Food


This 24-pack of grain-free cat food provides most cat owners with a good assortment of different flavors for their cat. There’s turkey, chicken, beef, and ocean whitefish varieties that all but the most finicky of cats are probably going to like. Each variety if nutritionally complete and is formulated for all of a cat’s life stages. And because this cat food doesn’t contain grains, it provides cats with a high-level of protein. Protein that builds healthy muscles and helps to keep the cat satiated through the day.

 Pros: Provides an assortment of different flavors
Formulated for all life-stages

 Cons: Finicky cats may not like this food


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