Providing your kitten with the right type of food is the first step towards ensuring that it grows up into a healthy cat. High-quality food should not only be tasty to the kitten, but it must meet all of the young kitten’s nutritional needs. It should be made with the highest quality proteins available and all of the vitamins and minerals that their growing bodies are going to need.

Finding a high-quality food that’s not only nutritionally sound but also isn’t too terribly expensive isn’t an easy proposition. It usually takes a lot of research and comparing some of the top cat foods available. Fortunately for everyone reading this, we’ve already done the research and have found the ten best kitten foods available. And we listed them below for convenience.

#1 Royal Canin Feline Health Nutrition

10 Best Kitten Foods in 2022

This formula from Royal Canin contains some of the highest quality ingredients that can be found in kitten food. It contains a unique combination of antioxidants that help to support the kitten’s growth and prebiotics that help to support the kitten’s immune system. It is also made with high-quality proteins that are easily digestible by kittens, so it won’t cause intestinal distress. And since it has a taste that kittens love, they will actually get all of this nutrition because they won’t be able to wait to eat it. All of this makes this the best food for kittens currently available.

 Pros: Contains high-quality ingredients, Kittens love the taste of it, It’s easy for kittens to eat

 Cons: Is a little bit expensive

#2 Purina One Healthy Kitten Formula


Although we would like to criticize this food for containing quite a bit of corn products in its formulation, we can give it somewhat of a pass because it truly is well-balanced nutritionally. This kitten food contains real meat as its first ingredient, which is a good sign, and it contains DHA–an ingredient often found in mother’s milk and provides for proper brain development. It’s also packed with quite a bit of protein for healthy muscles. Overall, it’s a good price that’s pretty inexpensive and provides some great nutritional benefits to kittens.

 Pros: This product is inexpensive, Kittens love the taste of it, It’s well balanced nutritionally

 Cons: Contains a lot of corn

#3 Nutro Wholesome Essentials Dry Cat Food


Even though we can’t say that every kitten will love this product equally, we can say that several of the kittens we fed this food to took a real liking to it. The one thing that we can say with certainty is that this kitten food contains wholesome ingredients that every pet owner would love to feed their kitten. Some of its ingredients include farm-raised chicken, omega 3 fatty acids, and plenty of calcium for building strong bones. And these are non-GMO ingredients, so consumers can rest assured they’re feeding their kittens the absolute best food available.

 Pros: Made with chicken as its primary ingredient, Contains healthy Omega 3 fatty acids, It’s easy for kittens to eat

 Cons: Not all kittens like it equally

#4 Blue Buffalo Healthy Growth Dry Food


Blue Buffalo Healthy Growth Dry Food is a cat food that’s specifically designed for the nutritional needs of maturing kittens. It’s made with some extremely high-quality ingredients including DHA, ARA, and choline to support healthy brain and eye development. It’s also made with meat as its number one ingredient, so pet owners can rest assured that their kittens are getting all of the protein they need. Additional ingredients found in this formula include a blend of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that are sure to keep the kitten’s fur shiny and soft.

 Pros: Formulated specifically for kittens, Contains high quality ingredients, Food is just the right size for kittens to eat

 Cons: Some kittens may not like how it tastes

#5 Iam’s Proactive Health Dry Food


Even though this formula probably has more corn in it, then we would have liked, it does provide for all of the nutritional needs of growing cats. Listed as its number one ingredient is real chicken, which is always a good sign, and this product also contains Omega 3 DHA that help to support healthy brain and eye development. Another thing to like about this food is that its full of ingredients that mimic the nutritional value of mother’s milk, which means that it provides kittens with a complete nutritional profile.

 Pros: Real chicken is its main ingredient, Kittens love the taste of it

 Cons: Contains a lot of corn based ingredients

#6 Hill’s Science Diet Dry Food


Not many dry cat foods can say that they’re the number one rated pet food by veterinarians, but this product from Hill’s Science Diet sure can. That’s because it’s made with the high-quality ingredients that pet owners want their animals to have. Some of the ingredients that can be found in this formula include chicken, whole grain wheat, chicken fat, and chicken livers, flaxseed, fish oil, and a number of different vegetables. This combination not only gives growing kittens the protein, fat, vitamins, and minerals they need, but also provides them with valuable DHA for healthy brain and eye development.

 Pros: Veterinarians recommend this product, Contains chicken as its primary ingredient

 Cons: Finicky cats might not like the taste of it

#7 Purina Kitten Chow Nuturing Formula


This kitten chow is formulated with high-quality ingredients that give kittens the nutrition they need. Easily found in this formula are poultry by-products for protein, essential nutrients that are similar to the nutritional value of mother’s milk, and DHA to support healthy eye and brain development. This formula provides kittens with 100% of the nutrition they need to grow up strong and healthy, even despite its heavy reliance on corn products. Probably the best thing about this food, however, is that kittens really love the taste of it.

#8 Purina Fancy Feast Canned Wet Food


Although this canned wet food is more expensive than many of the dry kitten foods available, it does provide young cats with a number of advantages. This food is extremely soft, so it’s easy for younger cats to eat than some of the harder dry kibbles. It’s also manufactured with the nutritional needs of cats as its top priority. That can easily be seen by the addition of meat as its number one ingredient and real milk, too. It’s everything a kitten needs to grow up and thrive.

 Pros: Contains chicken as the number one ingredient, Contains real milk, Is easy for kittens to eat

 Cons: This kitten food is a bit expensive

#9 Natural Balance Whole Body Health Dry Formula


If there’s one thing that can be said about this food, it’s that it does have some quality ingredients. Just by looking at the label a person can see that chicken is the number one ingredient, closely followed chicken meal. Although it does seem to have a high percentage of pea products in it, perhaps to boost its overall protein levels, it’s followed by high-quality ingredients such as brewer’s yeast, salmon meal, dried egg, duck meal, and a ton of vitamins and minerals. Just what young kittens need to maintain a shiny coat and healthy bones, teeth, and heart.

 Pros: Made with high quality ingredients, Contains chicken as the first ingredient

 Cons: Seems to have a high percentage of pea proteins

#10 Instinct Original Grain-Free Food


Instinct Original Kitten Food is designed with all of the wholesome ingredients a person can want in pet food. This formula is completely grain-free and contains roughly 81% real animal ingredients and oils, mixed in with another 19% or so of fruits and vegetables. The number on ingredient listed on the label of this food is cage-free chicken, so kitty owners can rest assured of the quality that’s put into this food. Some of the ingredients that can’t be found in this quality pet food include potatoes, corn, wheat, soy, artificial preservatives, or artificial colors. It’s just wholesome food in every bite.

 Pros: Made using cage-free chicken, Made from whole food ingredients

 Cons: Not all kittens are fond of this food


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