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In a usual day, cats sleep for 12 to 16 hours. They are not merely being sluggish or acting spitefully toward us. Their savage ancestors developed a sleep schedule that allowed them to conserve energy for the hunt for their next meal. Even though our domesticated feline friends no longer need to go hunting for food, they nevertheless need long, deep slumber. The fact that pets spend a large portion of their life resting makes it only reasonable for pet parents to want to ensure that their pets were cozy and comfortable.

The busy cat bed area of the pet store may make it difficult for you to select the best bed for your cat. Your cat does, however, provide you indications and hints about potential preferences. If they lie close to (or on top of) the heating vents, a heated bed or pad can be useful. If kids usually prefer a sunny place, a window bed can work. Some cats, particularly those who struggle with anxiety, could feel safer in a cave bed or cat condo. Consider the materials used in the bed’s construction as well as whether or not hand washing is necessary.

The following is a list of the top cat beds for your cat’s regular naps.

Best Overall: Earthtone Solutions Cat Cave

Earthtone Solutions Cat Cave
Earthtone Solutions Cat Cave
Dimensions: 19 x 18 x 11 inches | Material: Hand felted wool | Machine Washable: No

What We Like

  • Gorgeous handmade designs
  • Sustainable wool material

What We Don’t Like

  • Must hand wash
  • Too small for larger cats

One of the most amazing artisanal designs available is Earthtone Solutions. Cat Cave Beds are made by women craftsmen in Nepal, who then have a family-run business export them to the United States.

These hand felted wool cave beds will add appeal to the interior design of your home with their gorgeous and distinctive motifs. Thanks to the cave shape and wool, your cat has a cozy, long-lasting resting spot that also serves as a hide-and-seek activity area. Since felted wool is breathable, it can be used for cozy winter warmth or delightful summer coolness. In comparison to cotton and synthetic textiles, wool is also regarded to be safer, warmer, and more environmentally friendly.

This bed frequently includes extra catnip, depending on where you get it. If your cat decides she prefers a more open sleeping arrangement to the cave type, you can flatten the bed into a cup shape.

Best Budget: Rabbitgoo Soft Plush Donut Cuddler Cushion Pet Bed

Rabbitgoo Soft Plush Donut Cuddler Cushion Pet Bed
Rabbitgoo Soft Plush Donut Cuddler Cushion Pet Bed
Dimensions: 20 x 4.7 inches (medium), 23.6 x 5.7 inches (large) | Material: Polyester outer stuffed with poly cotton blend | Machine Washable: Yes, on gentle cycle

What We Like

  •  Very fluffy and soft
  • Easy to wash

What We Don’t Like

  • A lot of synthetic fibers

You could lose a lot of money if your cat won’t sleep in the bed. The Rabbitgoo Soft Plush Donut Cuddler Cushion Pet Bed is a good option for most cats. Cats like squeezing themselves inside the cozy, fluffy top layer, which has the shape of a donut. The velvety poly cotton stuffing, which is normally 65 percent cotton and 35 percent polyester and is reasonably priced, will allow your cat to sleep quietly in luxury.

It won’t move about the room thanks to the non-skid bottom. There are five solid colors and two sizes available. The medium size is ideal for small cats (up to 13 pounds) and kittens, while the big size works well for two smaller cats or one larger cat (around 18 pounds).

Your cat may enjoy the deep creases in this bed, and the high sides give it a sense of security. The bed is normally shipped in a vacuum pack, and once it is opened, it will significantly expand. It is so comfortable that you might want to rest on it as well.

Best Heated: K&H Pet Products Thermo-Kitty Heated Cat Bed

K&H Pet Products Thermo-Kitty Heated Cat Bed
K&H Pet Products Thermo-Kitty Heated Cat Bed
Dimensions: 16 x 16 x 6 inches (small), 20 x 20 x 6 inches (large) | Material: Microfiber fleece cover, foam base, polyfill cushion | Machine Washable: Yes, after removal of heating unit

Some cats struggle to stay warm during the cooler seasons of the year. They usually doze off behind stoves, in front of fireplaces, or on floor vents. Your cat may be drawn to the K&H Pet Products Thermo-Kitty Bed if it applies to them. While all of the cats eventually used the bed, the home tester for The Spruce Pet found that her short-haired cat was more attracted to it than her long-haired cats.

This bed looks like a standard raised-side plush cat bed from a distance. A 4-watt warming pad that is hidden inside, however, keeps your cat comfortable without getting too hot. Thermostatic control keeps the temperature at 102 degrees, which is a cat’s normal body temperature. The pad can be taken off when not in use during the milder months of the year, allowing the rest of the bed to be gently washed.

Independent testing and certification by MET Labs show that these beds exceed U.S. and Canadian electrical safety laws. So you can be sure the hot pad won’t damage your home or your cat.

Best Window Bed: Kitty Cot Cat Perch

Kitty Cot Cat Perch
Kitty Cot Cat Perch
Dimensions: 25.5 x 14 x 2 inches | Material: Black nylon fabric, PVC pipe frame, suction cups, wire supports | Machine Washable: No

What We Like

  • Can be hosed off or submersed for easy hand washing
  • Indoor/outdoor
  • No tools required for installation
  • Sturdy enough for heavy cats

What We Don’t Like

  • Occasionally falls off
  • High heat can deform frame
  • Can’t close the blinds around it

Your cat is probably a fan of The Kitty Cot Original World’s Best Cat Perch, especially if they usually hang out by the windows or enjoy taking naps in the sun. Strong suction cups are used to attach the black weather- and water-resistant nylon fabric covering the PVC pipe frame to your window’s glass. This fabric naturally warms up in the sun. The support is strengthened further by the use of metal wire.

Cats like to be raised so they can unwind and see the outdoor activity of the birds and squirrels or nap in the sun. Due to its three sizes and capacity for up to 25 pounds, the Kitty Cot is ideal for two medium cats or one large cat.

Best Cat Cave: Smiling Paws Pets Cat House & Cat Condo

Smiling Paws Pets Cat House & Cat Condo
Smiling Paws Pets Cat House & Cat Condo
Dimensions: 13 x 13 x 13 inches | Material: Organic cotton denim and plush polyester fleece | Machine Washable: Yes, on delicate

What We Like

  • Convertible
  • All machine washable
  • Cozy faux sherpa lining and pillow

What We Don’t Like

  • One color option

Cat caves are a common design because cats feel more at peace when they know nothing will sneak up on them while they sleep. If you’re unsure whether your cat would appreciate sleeping in a cave, the Smiling Paws 2-in-1 Cat House and Condo may be the best choice. Inventive concept for a convertible cat bed. It is a lovely cube-shaped cave with only one opening. You may also remove the soft cushion and flatten the cube to make a standard bed with raised edges. It has a nonskid bottom to prevent skidding and a side pocket for toys.

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Best Tropical: Pawhut Natural Braided Banana Leaf Elevated Cat Bed Basket with Cushion

Pawhut Natural Braided Banana Leaf Elevated Cat Bed Basket with Cushion
Pawhut Natural Braided Banana Leaf Elevated Cat Bed Basket with Cushion
Dimensions: 16.5 x 17 x 24 inches | Material: Woven banana leaf, iron wire, cotton cushion | Machine Washable: Cushion only

What We Like

  • Beautiful, hand woven design
  • Made from sustainable banana leaf

What We Don’t Like

  • May be small for larger cats
  • Cats may scratch it

There are a number of reasons why cats prefer an elevated bed. When they are perched higher, they have a greater perspective of the action and are elevated above it, which makes them feel more comfortable. Since heat rises, even one foot above the ground might help them avoid cold gusts and frigid tile floors. In a hot setting, a breeze passing beneath them might be cooling. In many cat households, using an elevated bed may also help one attain and maintain a better social standing.

Your cat may be drawn to the Pawhut Braided Banana Leaf Elevated Cat Condo if they don’t want to sleep on the ground. Handwoven over iron wire, this bed also has a machine-washable cotton cushion. Its components are a small base and a ball with a circular, medium-sized hole. The lid can open from the top or the side at your cat’s discretion. Thanks to the top’s cave-like look, your cat will feel protected and be able to see outside.

The woven design will give your home a more tropical atmosphere. Banana leaves are surely a byproduct of other operations, so you can relax knowing that this is made of sustainable, biologically biodegradable, and natural fibers. There are several earthy tones available for this bed, some of which have a taller rattan wicker pattern in place of banana leaves. The dimensions should be carefully examined because they can vary slightly depending on where you purchase it.

Best Modern Design: MyZoo Spaceship Gamma Cat Bed

MyZoo Spaceship Gamma Cat Bed
MyZoo Spaceship Gamma Cat Bed
Dimensions: 15.7 x 18.7 inches | Material: MDF plywood, acrylic, oak or walnut veneer | Machine Washable: No

What We Like

  • Available in white, oak, or walnut veneer
  • Cats can see out

What We Don’t Like

  • Some cats won’t use wallmount
  • Doesn’t come with a cushion

The Myzoo Spaceship Gamma Cat Bed has a sleek design that would look wonderful in a modern environment if you find typical foam cat beds to be dowdy. This bed can be used either standing up or fastened to a wall. Cats like the security of a contained space with a window that allows them to see outside. Air may move freely through the large entry hole and four air apertures, preserving the ideal temperature and reducing echo in a closed space.

You can select the veneer color that best suits your home from those produced in white, oak, or walnut, however not all distributors carry all the shades. Any height that is suitable for your home and cat can be used to mount the box. Take your cat’s preferences into account when choosing your location. Some cats like scaling as many surfaces as they can, while others prefer the extra step required to get furniture or a shelf.

Have a lot of cats? Do not fret. This bed can sustain up to 33 pounds when it is correctly fastened to the wall. You might also be interested in the Spaceship Alpha design, which is not mounted but has two acrylic bubbles and more room for more cats.

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Best Indoor/Outdoor: Furhaven Deluxe Mattress Indoor/Outdoor Bed

Furhaven Deluxe Mattress Indoor/Outdoor Bed
Furhaven Deluxe Mattress Indoor/Outdoor Bed
Dimensions: 20 x 15 x 3 inches (small) | Material: Poly-coated canvas cover, medical grade polyurethane memory foam pillow | Machine Washable: No

What We Like

  • Replacement covers, foam and liners available
  • Durable coated canvas
  • Removable zip cover

What We Don’t Like

  • Direct sun fades cover color in less than a year
  • Must hand wash

If you want to put a cat bed somewhere that can endure the elements, this is a great choice. Outdoor poly-canvas that has been coated for water resistance is used to make the waterproof cover. When placing an order directly with the manufacturer, you have the choice of five different core filling options: convolute orthopedic, solid orthopedic, memory foam top, cooling gel top, or fiber-filled cushion. The height of the bed may be a low, straightforward step-on mat design for elderly or disabled pets.

If the cover is regularly exposed to direct sunlight, the color will fade over time. Furhaven makes it convenient by providing the mattress liner and foam separately.

Best Splurge: Enchanted Home Pet Sofa

Enchanted Home Pet Sofa
Enchanted Home Pet Sofa
Dimensions: 26.5 x 16 x 12 inches | Material: Synthetic plush fabric over wood frame and polyester fill | Machine Washable: Cushion cover only

What We Like

  • Looks like a couch
  • Soft and cozy

What We Don’t Like

  • Spot cleaning by hand or upholstery cleaner required for most of the couch
  • May not be big enough for larger cats

If you consider your cat to be a true member of the family, you might want to invest in an Enchanted Home Pet Sofa. This sofa’s handcrafted, premium wood frame features a cushion cover made of a soft, ultra-plush polyester fabric that is detachable and machine washable. The raised, curved back’s contoured shape makes it so that your cat can feel comfortable and secure when napping. Some cats may appreciate the sofa’s raised location on its two-inch legs for a draft-free snooze. On the rear is also a helpful storage area for toys or other items.

It is offered by certain retailers in six plush and imitation leather colors that match in beautifully with your current home decor. The numerous finer elements of the cat sofa will also appeal to pet owners. A toggle and loop are used to secure the foam cushion in place and keep it from slipping out. The comparatively shock-absorbing legs of this couch may make your cat sleep better because cats are sensitive to vibration. You should acquire the next size up if your cat weighs more than 10 pounds.

Materials to Consider for Cat Beds

We want to make sure the materials used to build our cats’ beds are safe for them because they spend a lot of their life sleeping. Choose natural textiles like cotton and wool over synthetic ones wherever possible. Long-term sun exposure to synthetic materials can cause them to degrade and eventually release poisons. The same is true for mattress stuffing and component parts.

Look for pet products there because those regions have the strictest safety laws for pet products. Examine the craftsmanship as well. The life of your bed will be shortened since the stitching on some mass-produced, low-end pet beds can unravel rapidly.

Size and Form

The preferences of your cat play a big role in determining the size and design of a pet bed. While some cats are apprehensive to enter, others enjoy the added security of a bed designed to resemble a cave. Like dogs, some cats like beds with raised sides, but others—especially elderly or disabled animals—might prefer to sprawl out on a bed that looks like a mat.

Analyze your cat’s regular behavior for any signs. Do they snooze under the bed or on the window sill? Do they have a perch to sleep from? Do they cuddle up with you under the blankets at night or do they stretch out on the floor of the living room? These characteristics can aid you in choosing a look that your cat is more likely to adopt.

The size of the bed also determines whether they prefer to sleep curled up or stretched out. Cats that tend to roll up into balls when they sleep might prefer a smaller bed or even one with a donut-shaped mattress that they can feel all around them. Some people might choose a mat-style bed or one that is exceptionally large if they like to stretch out as they sleep.

Make sure your cat’s whiskers fit through the opening of your cave-style bed. Being so sensitive, they frequently resent having their whiskers overstimulated (perhaps even more so than their eyes or noses).

You might need to test a few various shapes or sizes to see what your cat likes.


Many cats love to rest on high surfaces in order to examine their surroundings and feel like they are above the action. While some pet beds lack a pedestal to provide elevation, others do. Window beds and wall-mounted options could be hung rather high; just make sure your cat can access them safely.

Some beds just gain a few more inches in height. The better heating and cooling is made possible by the airflow underneath such beds. An elevated bed, which serves as more of a hammock for aged or hurt animals, helps ease joint pressure.

Heat and Sun Exposure

A cat normally prefers to be warm while sleeping because of their body temperature range of 100 to 102 degrees. If your home is drafty or you keep it cool, your cat may prefer a heated bed or pad or a window bed that gets some sunlight. It’s possible that a window mattress will occasionally get too much light. When setting up a cat’s bed, take the temperature range into account.

To ensure that a heated bed is thermostatically controlled and cannot overheat, choose one that has been certified by a respectable institution or governmental authority.

Synthetic fibers have a propensity to retain more heat in comparison to natural materials, which are frequently more permeable. A synthetic donut bed with deep cracks will be warmer than a cotton bed with an open design. Take into account whether the bed traps heat and whether your cat prefers to burrow or sleep outside.


How can I convince my cat to join me in bed?

The first step, as discussed above, is to select the best bed for your cat. Cats who enjoy hiding out might prefer a bed shaped like a cave. A warm bed might attract your cat like a magnet. Those who like the sun might want to rest by a window.

Once you’ve decided on a bed that would meet their demands, the next step is choosing the perfect location. It might be a sunny or elevated site. Cats often prefer quiet, low-traffic areas that are away from noisy dogs or small children.

To add interest, scatter catnip or perhaps some cat treats across the bed. You can also tip the balances in your favor by making other areas less inviting, such as by closing doors or placing books or double-sided tape in the areas where you don’t want them to sleep.

The cat bed should I put somewhere, right?

Choose a location that is generally away from your home’s busy, noisy regions. Some felines will appreciate the added security that height offers. You may put a cat bed next to a cat tree or a book shelf. Some folks even prefer the top of the refrigerator. Some choose to relax on a chair on a front or back porch, in a warm, sunny place behind a wood stove, or in a similar setting.

If you’re not sure, watch where your cat sleeps for a few days, then try different places around your home until you find the one the cat always chooses.

Why Should I Trust the Product Review from the Cat?

For the past 35 years, Lorraine Wilde, the essay’s author, has had at least two cats in her home, some of whom have unique needs. Long into their early 20s, her two cats lived contented, healthy lives.

When investigating each product and brand, Lorraine looked at the type, quality, user feedback, company R&D activities, and business ethics.

Lorraine also holds a Master’s in environmental science as well as a Bachelor’s in biology. She is adamant that informed shoppers can make choices that will protect their pets and the environment.

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