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Cats that go outside need to wear a collar. Cat collars not only make it clear that your cat has a home, but they can also help people find you in the case that your cat gets hurt, lost, or stranded. But cat collars are also fashionable accessories. Because there are so many variations on the market, it might be challenging to select a cat collar that suits your specific needs and your cat’s personality.

There are several things to consider while choosing a collar for your feline friend. There are many other lesser aspects, starting with size, but the harmony of form and function may be the most important. Most cat collars are between 0.38 and 0.5 inches wide and available in a range of lengths. Although many have sliding buckles that provide modification, you should measure your cat’s neck first to ensure the best fit. While a collar that is too tight might aggravate or even harm your cat, a collar that is too loose can come off.

Make sure you can slip two fingers between a cat’s neck and collar, advises Nora Glover, a cat expert with more than 25 years of experience and the owner of the cat care website Catademy.com.

There are no strict rules for choosing a cat collar, according to Glover, who was speaking to The Spruce Pets. “The one thing you must never use is flea collars. It has been established that they endanger both children and animals.

See the What to Look for in Cat Collars section below for other considerations, including those related to materials, safety, and ethical business practices. In order to warn your cat’s prey and reduce the type of predation that is decimating bird populations, several of our recommendations have an additional bell option that may be purchased.

The best cat collars available right now are listed here, and they’ll not only keep your feline buddy safe but also give them the distinctive flair they want.

Best Overall: LupinePet Safety Cat Collar

LupinePet Safety Cat Collar
LupinePet Safety Cat Collar
An excellent woven nylon breakaway collar with a lifetime guarantee that is Guaranteed (Even if Chewed) is the LupinePet Safety Cat Collar. Because of this warranty, even if your cat chews through the collar, you can ask for a replacement if it gets damaged. Because the guarantee does not cover replacing lost collars, make sure to frequently inspect the fit of your cat's collar.
The length range for each Safety Cat Collar is 8 to 12 inches, with a width of 0.5 inches. To hold name tags, a steel D-ring has been added. The breakaway safety clasp is designed to release when pressure of around 5 pounds is applied, perhaps safeguarding your cat from damage despite the collar's nylon webbing's great resilience.
What makes the Safety Cat Collar so much fun are its more than 50 stylish patterns. Despite being made of a durable material, rubbing against something could eventually cause the collar to fray. Regularly check your cat's collar to make sure it hasn't been inadvertently tightened.
Lupine Pets donates a portion of the proceeds from the sale of Safety Cat Collars to a number of regional charities, including the Tin Mountain Conservation Center, Conway Area Humane Society, and Jen's Friends Cancer Foundation. Additionally, they contribute their equipment to groups that promote animals, such as animal shelters, training centers for service dogs, animal educational facilities, and others.

What We Like

  • Lifetime Guarantee
  • More than 50 colorful designs
  • Breakaway design

What We Don’t Like

  • Scratching may cause the woven collar to fray and/or tighten

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Best Budget: Frisco Polyester Breakaway Cat Collar

Frisco Polyester Breakaway Cat Collar
Frisco Polyester Breakaway Cat Collar
If the breakaway collar works as intended and you lose one when your cat gets tangled up, 2 Frisco Polyester Breakaway Cat Collars are inexpensive to replace and come in a variety of hues and patterns.
The metal ID tag ring, quick-release breakaway clasp, and sturdy plastic hardware with rounded edges that don't poke are all included in this polyester webbing breakaway collar. The collar unlocks when 11 to 15 pounds of pressure are applied, so it can be used to free your cat if they get tangled and start to pull violently.
Like our Best Overall pick, the Frisco Polyester Breakaway Cat Collar has an optional bell. Each Frisco cat collar has a 0.38-inch width and a length that can be changed from 8 to 12 inches. The polyester breakaway cat collar is suitable for cats weighing 8 to 15 pounds.

Best Leather: CollarDirect Leather Cat Collar with Bell

CollarDirect Leather Cat Collar with Bell
CollarDirect Leather Cat Collar with Bell
Some pet owners favor leather because of its classic aesthetic and long-lasting resilience. The hand-sewn, full-grain leather CollarDirect Leather Cat Collar contains metal hardware, including a D-ring for securing your cat's identification tags. A stretchy elastic portion with a little extra stretch is linked to the buckle and designed to allow your cat to escape if it becomes caught. It also has a tiny metal bell to scare away nearby wildlife from your cat.
This metal buckle collar comes in two sizes: small for cats under 5 pounds and medium for cats between 5 and 10 pounds. Its width is 0.38 inches.
This metal buckle collar comes in two sizes: small for cats under 5 pounds and medium for cats between 5 and 10 pounds. Its width is 0.38 inches.

What We Like

  • 12 solid colors to choose from

What We Don’t Like

  • Elastic not easily repairable after breaking away

Best Breakaway: The Good Dog Company Hemp Cat Collar

What We Like

  • Made in the United States
  • High quality, sustainable hemp and cotton

What We Don’t Like

  • Plastic clip
  • Some smart cats figure out how to use the breakaway to pull it off

Best Bow Tie: Chiwawa Gear Harnesses Bow Tie Collars

Chiwawa Gear Harnesses Bow Tie Collars
Chiwawa Gear Harnesses Bow Tie Collars
Bow ties are almost always flattering on cats. Whether you want to add style to your cat's everyday attire or save your bow tie for special events like birthdays and holidays, there is a huge selection of colors and designs available to match every occasion.
On Etsy, a variety of colors of the handcrafted, multifunctional Chiwawa Gear Harnesses bow tie collars are offered. The majority are made from a sturdy cotton fabric that is sewn onto polypropylene webbing for greater durability and strength. For each 0.38-inch-wide collar, a replaceable flower or bow tie may be purchased. There are three different bow tie sizes to choose from: 2.5, 3 and 3.5 inches.
In addition, the breakaway buckle is connected next to a little silver bell. The flower and bow tie are held in place by a double-sided Velcro band that wraps around the cat collar and makes removal straightforward.
Collars come in a variety of sizes, including small, medium, and giant. Kittens with neck dimensions between 5.5 and 8 inches should wear the small size (9 to 13 inches).
If you're looking for bow tie collars with equally outstanding reviews, you may also check out Made by Cleo, another Etsy vendor with a wide selection of well-rated, adorable bow tie collars.

What We Like

  • Machine washable in cold water
  • Star-Seller on Etsy
  • Lots of fun, colorful designs including holiday themes

What We Don’t Like

  • Only available on Etsy

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Cutest: Made by Cleo Felt Flower + Collar Combo Sets

Made by Cleo Felt Flower + Collar Combo Sets
Made by Cleo Felt Flower + Collar Combo Sets
Cats are already quite cute, but choosing the right collar to accentuate your pet's unique flair will greatly enhance this cuteness. Introducing these gorgeous felted flower corsages.
There are several varieties of the Made by Cleo Cat Collar + Flower Set available. There are three separate sizes available, with breakaway or non-breakaway plastic buckles, gold or silver hardware, and sizes ranging from 6 to 10 inches for kittens to 12 to 16 inches for extra-large cats. The felted rose blooms come in two different sizes, 15 different colors, and a poinsettia design for a festive look. The flower has two green leaves incorporated into its design, and an elastic loop secures it while permitting removal.
Every collar is equipped with a bell on a ring that can also hold identification tags. All of them are made in the United States and sent from Austin, Texas. With more than 400 style choices that represent holidays, seasons, and interesting color schemes available, the hardest part will be choose which one to put on your cat first.

What We Like

  • Hundreds of colors and prints to choose from
  • Flower is easily removable

What We Don’t Like

  • Limited refunds and exchanges with a restocking fee

Best Luxury: Sambboho Cat Collar

Sambboho Cat Collar
Sambboho Cat Collar
Spend a lot of money on a unique cat collar for your cat's birthday or just because. The Sambboho Cat Collar is made by female artisans in Brazil. Slovakian glass beads are triple sewn, never bonded, to the collar to decorate each collar. This beading technique guarantees that the beaded design will last for a long time; it typically takes 12 hours to complete one collar. The leather used for the collar's base has been beeswaxed.
Ten percent of sales from Sambboho are donated to US no-kill animal shelters, and the company produces its goods in compliance with fair trade norms. Small (6 to 7 inch neck), medium (7.75 to 9 inch neck), and large (10 to 12 inch neck) are the available sizes for the Sambboho Cat Collar (9.75 to 11 inches).

What We Like

  •  Hand sewn
  •  Leather band and metal buckle
  • 1-year replacement guarantee if the product breaks under normal wear and tear

What We Don’t Like

  • Buckle uses holes, limiting adjustability

The result

We opt for the LupinePet Safety Cat Collar, which comes in a number of patterns and has an excellent lifetime guarantee, for everyday use. For special occasions or to boost your style points, pick from hundreds of patterns in the Made by Cleo Cat Collar and Flower Set collection. Beautiful patterns and exquisite felt flowers work well together to give every day a special touch.

How to Pick the Right Size Cat Collar

It is essential to get the fit exactly right to avoid the collar slipping off and becoming misplaced during play or hurting the dog if it is too tight. The majority of collars have a sliding clasp or multiple drilled holes that allow them to be adjusted for different neck sizes. Check the match sometimes, especially for kittens whose development happens quickly in the first few months of life. Glover suggests making sure you can fit two fingers between the collar and your cat when adjusting for length.

Measure your cat’s neck with a fabric measuring tape or a piece of paper, then lay it flat on a ruler to get the right fit.


Leather, nylon, polyester, hemp, and other natural and synthetic fibers are just a few of the materials used to make cat collars. Regarding comfort, adjustability, comfort, flexibility, and washing ease, each has advantages and disadvantages. Nylon or polyester collars, for instance, might become less durable when cats scratch at them because some cats find them irritating.

Even though some synthetic collars use recycled materials, choosing organic cotton or hemp ensures that your collar will biodegrade more completely after you’ve finished using it rather than sitting in a landfill.

If your cat spends a lot of time roaming outside after dark, think about getting them a collar made of fluorescent materials so that bikes and cars can see them. For kittens in the developing period, the collar with the longest lifespan is one that is easy to clean and offers a wide range of size adjustments.

Business Ethics

Even though a product may be sold for a very low cost and on a global scale, there is a chance that the company’s employees will occasionally suffer or be taken advantage of. Spend as much of your hard-earned money as you can with companies that provide a safe working environment, a reasonable wage to their employees, and charitable contributions to the communities that foster their growth and success. Fair trade is a concept that frequently refers to these values.

On corporate packaging and websites, such as Fair for Life, look for references to and/or seals that independently certify and verify fair trade practices. However, you should be aware that certain organizations have limitations and that some only provide certifications in exchange for membership fees if you truly want to purchase fair trade goods.

In the “Regarding” section of a company’s website, look for hints about its environmental and social responsibility. Along with any third party certifications and fair trade principles, they typically mention their involvement in humanitarian programs like 1 percent for the earth there. Many companies that make pet supplies donate some of their products or cash to zoos and shelters for animals. As much as it is possible, choose companies and producers who share your environmental and social principles.


Does my dog’s collar having a bell on it keep it from hurting wildlife like birds?

Glover claims that attaching a bell to our cat’s collar will significantly reduce the number of prey it catches. Birds and mice can hear the bell from a distance and run away before your cat attacks if they hear it.

According to studies, yelling at a cat can lower the amount of prey they capture by over 50%.

However, you must also make sure your cat is not in danger from the bell. When you first introduce the bell to your cat, make sure she seems relaxed because cats who are prone to anxiety or fear may become startled by the additional noise. A different item, such the Birdsbesafe Collar Cover, which can further warn birds of your cat’s approach, would be a better option.

Some of the craftier cats will devise a means of getting rid of the bell, stopping it from ringing, or altering their hunting techniques to accommodate for it. However, that is unusual.

The proximity of the bell to your cat’s ears means that if the volume is too high, it may impair hearing.

Are collars bad for cats?

If you decide to collar your cat, Glover suggests that you also take full responsibility for the pet’s comfort and regularly check the collar’s tightness to make sure it may be changed as necessary. Numerous times, terrible injuries have resulted from cat owners forgetting to take off their animals’ collars.

Cats should wear breakaway collars when spending time outside, especially if their owners are not there. Non-breakaway collars face the risk of tangling in trees or fences, making it impossible for the cat to escape and return home.

Do indoor cats require collars?

At any point, your indoor cat could unintentionally go outside. It’s important to have some form of identification in case something happens, like a visitor leaving the door open, a window screen collapsing, or your cat bolting as you’re leaving. All cats should wear collars with their owners’ contact information, according to Glover. It will be made clear to anyone who finds your runaway cat that it is not a stray and has to be returned to you.

What information should be engraved on a cat’s collar or tag?

Most collars have a spot where a tag can be attached. At the absolute least, include your cell phone number. Having a name on the tag will be useful if you ever need to publish a call for your lost feline companion on social media or a poster. Other factors to consider include your home address, any possible medical conditions or allergies your pet may have, and whether they are microchipped.

Why Is The Cat Product Review Trustworthy?

For the past 35 years, Lorraine Wilde has shared her home with at least two cats, some of which have special needs. Long into their early 20s, her two cats lived contented, healthy lives.

When investigating each product and brand, Lorraine looked at the type, quality, user feedback, company R&D activities, and business ethics.

Lorraine also holds a Master’s in environmental science as well as a Bachelor’s in biology. She firmly thinks that customers can make sensible, informed decisions in order to protect their pets and the environment.

Nora Glover has been caring for and teaching cats for more than 29 years. She is the founder, editor in chief, and main author of the cat care website Catademy.com. She’s been an avid cat parent since she was six years old. In order to launch her own cat rescue clinic, Glover plans to become certified as a feline veterinarian.

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