An indoor cat can be the most pampered, but some accessories are near-vital to maintaining a healthy cat and a clean home. Cat litter mats are often simple designs, but a must-have for a lot of households. When litter gets on the floor, it can be trodden into a carpet or kicked around the kitchen and is nearly impossible to find and clean up.

Any particles of litter than stray can pose a health risk so it is best to keep everything as tidy as possible. The best cat litter mats make clean up easily, wipe clean, and can even clean a cat’s paws as she leaves the tray area when you get this purchase right. To help you find a product that lives up to your expectations, we have created a list of the best products available.

#1 Pawkin Cat Litter Mat


Although it has a simple look about it, upon closer inspection it is easy to see why so many cat owners say this is the best cat litter mat available. The litter lock mesh technology allows it to grab hold of debris to stop it from going anywhere. For households with more than one cat, it is available in an extra-large as well as a large and the material has a durable feel to it.

Because they are hard-wearing, these mats are fine to vacuum and can be rinsed clean without compromising the quality. These mats are designed for paws to walk on as they are soft and free from phthalates and toxins. It measures 35 x 23 inches which mean there is plenty of room to hold a litter tray with space either side to catch stray particles.

 Pros: Litter lock meshing holds debris
Fine to vacuum
35 x 23 inches
Nonslip backing
No phthalates or toxins


#2 Gorilla Grip Original Premium Durable Cat Litter Mat


These quality cat litter mats mostly come in big sizes but that is music to most pet owners’ ears. They are also available in a variety of colors so you can match it to your home decor or cats’ personality. There are deep grooves and meshing to capture any flying particles that bounce out of the tray. The thick coils are perfectly designed to catch as much litter as possible and the grippy texture underneath helps to prevent slips.

There is a nice bounce to the materials which is what makes it tempting for some cats to snooze on and it shakes off easily when you need to clean it. The material is still phthalates free and gentle on paws.

 Pros: Various color options
Thick coils trap litter
Grippy texture underneath

 Cons: Has a chemical odor when you first unwrap it but it goes away fast

#3 iPrimio Jumbo Size Cat Litter Trapper Litter Mat


Easy to clean and with a large surface area for plenty of protection against spills around the tray comes this quality cat litter mat. The latter falls through the top layer and is trapped on the bottom so it can’t be kicked away. This makes it easy to lift the top and shake the debris into the trash.

If your cat sprays outside the tray then it can be a good idea to use a puppy training pad to soak it up as this can be difficult to clean off the nylon border otherwise. The smooth surface is kind on paws where. other products can catch their claws and it measures 32 by 30 inches so it is definitely on the larger side. The bottom features a plastic film layer that repels urine and it is ideal for homes with multiple cats thanks to its size.

 Pros: Unique design
Easy to remove debris
Kind on paws
Hige 32 x 30 inch cat litter mat

 Cons: Edging isn’t waterproof

#4 MIGHTY MONKEY Premium Cat Litter Trapping Mats


One of the best value cat litter mats available and it uses a popular mesh method to catch stray particles and stop them from being kicked around the floor. It comes in both extra large and large sizes which measure 35 x 23 inches and 24 x 17 inches respectively.

You can also pick them up in a variety of colors and each one features a non-slip mat underneath. They are not so grippy on a wet surface so the area must be dry before it is placed down. They can be vacuumed without compromising the quality or shaken back into the tray and comes with a 10-year hassle-free guarantee.

 Pros: Mesh method to capture stray particles
Available in large and extra-large
Easy to clean
10-year guarantee

 Cons: Can be difficult to lie flat

#5 CleanHouse Pets Cat Litter Mat, XL Size, Non-Slip

Best Cat Litter Mats In 2022 4

The simple design of this easy to clean cat litter mat makes it appealing, as does the budget-friendly price. The non-slip bottom keeps it in place well and the upper features the same mesh style method that has proven popular in the niche. It catches litter from paws and can be shaken off to remove any particles safely.

We like that it comes with a 100% moneyback guarantee and that it is made from materials that are non-toxic and BPA-free. It measures 3 ft x 2 ft so it is on the larger side, giving you plenty of space around the tray.

 Pros: Easy to clean
Meshing captures particles
Non-slip mat
100% money-back guarantee

 Cons: Not urine proof

#6 Polarduck Cat Litter Mat


Using the litter trapping method via a honeycomb hole design that lets me debris through and captures it underneath, this is an impressive cat litter mat. When you undo the velcro that keeps the upper layer in place you can empty it with ease, especially with the unique handle design. This gives you more grip when tipping the contents into the trash or back into the tray.

It is made from urine and waterproof material and can easily be rinsed clean. We like that it measures 32 x 25 inches, making it fine for most cat litter trays. More importantly, it is phthalate-free and made from non-toxic materials so it is safe for your cat to use.

 Pros: Convenient handle for easy disposal
Captures more debris
32 x 25 inches
Free from toxic materials

 Cons: Can be difficult to flatten completely

Cat Litter Mat Guide

When it comes to keeping your home clean, there isn’t a lot you can do about pet mess sometimes. However, when debris from a litter box is involved, it can be vital to get your hands on a quality cat litter mat. These products save you from picking up particles all over the place and make clean up a lot easier.

This is only when you buy a product made of the right materials and with other useful features. To help make this purchase an easy one, we have created the following buyer’s guide.

 What To Look For In A Cat Litter Mat


You don’t want to be slipping on the mat, or for your cast to move it as they kick their feet off so buying a non-slip cat litter mat is vital. Because urine can sometimes be an uncontrollable issue, it is even more important although even some of the better brands are not as grippy on a slippery surface.

 Large Surface

A cat litter mat is only as useful in the area it can cover. This is why it is a good idea to get as big a mat as possible. If you live in a household with more than one cat then this is even more important, especially if you have a bigger cat litter tray.

 Trapping Capability

The effectiveness of the cat litter mat all comes down to how well it captures debris and particles. There are two prominent methods here. Firstly, a lot of products use a meshing system that catches particles and keeps them from spilling onto the floor. The other method is via a double-layered mat. The top layer allows the particles to fall to the bottom where they cannot be moved until you are ready.

 Easy To Clean

Some cat litter mats are fine to vacuum without compromising the quality and all of them should easily release the particles with a good shake. If you can hose down the cat litter mat without it impacting the quality then even better.

 Comfortable for Paws

There should be a bit of a spring in the feel of the mat so it is comfortable for paws to walk on. Some will still capture loose particles from their paws whilst allowing her to move in comfort.

 Safe Materials

If the brand you are considering does not boast of non-toxic materials being used in their product then you might want to do a little research. This is vital to the health of your cat so make sure the brand you like the look of is safe to use.


This might not be the most important feature of a cat litter mat but the product still needs to fit nicely into your home. Most brands offer a handful of colors so no matter what your home decor looks like, there is something to match.


Some products have earned a reputation for being lost lasting whereas others are more of a quick fix. Check the reviews to see if the materials are of high quality and things such as the stitching and the meshing hold up over time.


This might not be a big concern since most products in the niche don’t cost. a lot, but when you expect a product to work and it doesn’t it is always good to have a warranty to hand. A reputable brand might include a 100% money-back guarantee which makes a purchase risk-free.

 Why Use A Cat Litter Mat?

Because litter can get trapped in their paws, a cat can take litter pretty much anywhere in your home without realizing it. This is not only an annoyance when it comes to clean up, but if the particles have been contaminated with feces or urine, it poses a hygiene issue.

A cat litter mat not only catches the particles that spill out of the tray, but the ones attached to the paws of your kitty. Alternatively, you can sweep up any mess around the tray, or pick up small pieces around your home. A cat litter tray sounds far easier.

 Cat Litter Mat Holes Vs Meshing

These are the two most common ways for a mat to collect the particles from a litter tray, and both are effective. The simple design of the meshed variety makes them easy to get on with and they tend to have a springiness that is kinder on cats’ paws. Still, a holed mat is slightly easier to clean as the particles slip out of the bottom layer and don’t need such a shake to get moving.

 Are Cat Litter Mats Safe?

The only thing to look out for is a product that is free from toxic materials and phthalates. These can be harmful to a pet, although they are not commonly used it is still something to look out for.

A cat litter mat is safer than leaving particles around the tray as it keeps your home clean and hygienic.

 Can I Shake Cat Litter Back Into The Tray?

Although some sources will tell you that you can save money with a product that collects litter particles by tipping it back in, this is only over an extremely long time.

For hygienic purposes, you can’t be sure that the debris that falls into or onto the matt is clean so it is best to dispose of it.

 How To Clean A Cat Litter Mat?

Although you can shake off the particles, it is a good idea to rinse it off from time to time. This is especially the case if your cat has missed the tray or urinated on the mat.

Because it will house harmful bacteria, keep it away from your sinks and rinse it with a hose outside, leaving it to dry before using it again. Using a cat-friendly detergent can be a good idea, especially if you know it has been contaminated.

To avoid mold building up, dry the mat outside but keep it out of direct sunlight to protect it from fading.


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