To protect furniture from the claws of a feline friend, only a cat scratching post can provide a reliable solution. When a cat has a favorite place to enjoy a relaxing stretch they will keep going back to it so your chair legs, sofar arms, and other household items will be left alone.

This is only possible with a durable product that is built to last. Some sub-par cat scratching posts barely last a month so a kitty will return to the furniture before you know it. Because of this, we have created a list of the best products on the market. Each one has something different to offer and there is a post for every budget.

#1 SmartCat Pioneer Pet Ultimate Scratching Post


The design might look simple but this quality product is the best cat scratching post. It offers four different sides of sisal covered posts to make it last longer than most. The texture of the sisal is what encourages a cat to scratch it as it feels great on their claws – good news for the furniture!

The height of 32 inches gives even large cats plenty of space to get a good stretch and dig their claws in. With such a tall cast scratching post, you need a sturdy base which is why it has a 16 x 16 inches square base to make sure it doesn’t topple over. Whereas a carpeted post might snag a nail, this product eliminates such a concern so your cat can scratch safely. The neutral design and attractive wooden finish of the base and top ensure it doesn’t look out of place making it an excellent addition to any cat-filled home.

 Pros: Quality sisal covered scratching post
4 sided so it lasts longer
Sturdy 16 x 16 inch base
Attractive design


#2 Go Pet Club 62-Inch Cat Tree


This is easily the best cat scratching post available and comes in the form of a treehouse design with multiple levels and plenty of places for a cat to hide. It is 62 inches tall and all the legs on the various levels are covered in sisal to give your cat a safe place to enjoy a good scratch without your furniture being involved.

There is a hammock where she can rest and the covered box area is popular as it provides a sheltered area that makes kitties feel safe. Most of the cat tree is covered on faux fur to make it soft and with a base of 29 x 19 inches, it is one of the most stable cats scratching post designs available. For rest, play, climbing, and scratching, this is the best around.

 Pros: Multple levels with different activities
Sisal covered posts for scratching
Stable base
Includes hanging toys
Durable feel

 Cons: Not everyone wants a treehouse design

#3 4CLAWS Wall Mounted Scratching Post 26


An excellent option for anyone looking for a wall-mounted cat scratching post, this product won’t tip so your cat always has something to scratch. At 26 inches tall, other products do give you a bit more in terms of maximum height but the premium pressed cardboard is going to entice a cat and gives them a new favorite place to dig their claws into.

The minimal design means it won’t take over a room and can be kept out the way and is made from 100% recycled cardboard. The stainless steel mounting hooks are included and it barely takes any time to fix against a wall. The post is 5.7 inches thick so your cat has plenty of room and won’t miss. There can be a little cleanup involved after a while but the scratched cardboard is easily vacuumed.

 Pros: 26 inches tall
Wall-mounted design makes it sturdy
Takes up minimal space
Made from 100% recycled cardboard

 Cons: Can get a little messy after a while but easy to clean

#4 PetFusion Ultimate Cat Scratcher Lounge


Here’s a cat scratching post alternative with a difference. This unique product doubles up as a lounge where a cat can enjoy a rest in the curved shape. It is constructed from recycled cardboard and non-toxic corn starch glue and features neutral colors to ensure it fits in nicely to most living spaces.

The curves not only look great but they are better for scratching which seems to be effective at enticing a cat in need of a scratch. Because it is reversible you get twice the amount of use out of it and features a high spec of cardboard to make it last longer than most of the competition. As with any cardboard cat scratcher, it does require a bit of cleanup but this shouldn’t detract from what is an effective deterrent from a sofa or chair leg.

 Pros: Made from recycled cardboard
Unique curved design is comfortable for a cat to lounge on
Availabel in 3 colors

 Cons: There is some cleanup required

#5 Classy Kitty 32


The simple design of this cat scratching post is what makes it so appealing to cats, the sisal covered post is all the encouragement they need to leave your furniture alone. The carpeted base allows it to blend into a home and the entire unit cleans easily. You can pick this product up in a variety of colors so you can match your home decor and at 32 inches tall, there is plenty of post for your cat to stretch on.

The carpet is stain resistant and has a plush feel to it give a cat a comfortable canvas to stretch from. Easily to assemble and sure to last a long time, it is a good option at a reasonable price.

 Pros: 32 inches tall
Sisal covered pole
Carpeted base is comfortable and stain resistant

 Cons: Carpeted area could be a little bigger

#6 Trixie Pet Products Miguel Fold and Store Cat Tower


For a portable cat scratcher, look no further than this product from Trixie Pet. It is perfect for small spaces and manages to cram a good amount of features into a small space. When assembled, the inner provides a snug area for a cat to rest and the hammock design on top does the same. Both areas are covered in a soft plush material that makes them comfortable for a long snooze.

The scratching surface is nicer and wide and covered in sisal which is kind on claws and lasts a long time. There are two hanging toys to add a little fun to the functionality.

 Pros: Folds down for easy storage
Two places for a cat to rest
Sisal cat scratching area

 Cons: The play balls can come off a little easily

Cat Scratching Post Guide

After a long day at work, the last thing you want to see when you get through the door is scratches all down your furniture and a guilty-looking feline. All cat owners have been there, especially in their developing years but the best way to avoid this destructive habit is by purchasing a quality cat scratching post.

When you find the right one it should last a long time, but certain attributes make some models more suitable than others. To help provide some clarity and make this purchase easy, we have created the following guide.

 What To Look For In A Cat Scratching Post


Do you want to buy a basic scratching post or are you looking for a treehouse design with various posts and levels for your cat to play and relax on? This is one of many considerations but it can be easier to find what you’re looking for if you know what type of cat scratching post you want. If you have more than one cat, the treehouse designs are practical yet fun.

However, if your budget is restrictive or you just want something simple, the traditional post designs are ideal. Some products even fold away so there are plenty of different designs available.


This links from the previous feature but anyone with a large cat is going to need a taller scratching post. Most products are fine for getting a long stretch no matter how big your feline friend is but its all best to make sure.


The materials of a cat scratching post are important for their longevity. Most of the time, they will be made from either cardboard or sisal. The latter is often favored because it doesn’t fray as much as cardboard and tends to last longer. If you like the look for a cardboard cat scratcher then try and find one that is made from recycled cardboard.

A carpeted cat scratching post poses a few hazards as they can snag nails.

 Sturdy Base

Any free-standing cat scratching post is only as good as the base it is mounted upon. This is because if it tips, a cat is less likely to show an interest and might return to the chair leg for a good stretch.

Because of this, always look for a product. with a wide base made from sturdy materials.


Not every cat scratching post is going to come with toys built-in but it can be a neat feature that helps to stimulate the brain of a cat. As long as they are safely attached and do not compromise the quality of the scratching area, they can provide another tempting feature that will draw a cat to the post.

 Additional Features

We’ve mentioned toys but some other brands go a little further and have areas for a cat to sleep in including hammock areas. This can ensure your cat gets some rest where they feel safe off the ground.


do you want your cat scratching post to stand out or blend in? Thankfully most products come in a few colors so you get to choose how you want it to fit into your current decor.

 Different Types of Cat Scratching Posts

Although the traditional design is still going strong, there are various types available. Each one can stop your cat from destroying that new sofa.


This is what a lot of people think of when they. look for a cat scratching post and although the design is simple, it works. The pole can be a cylinder or a four-sided product that gives a wide surface for a cat to dig their claws into. Just as important is the base, as it must offer a comfortable area that is also sturdy enough to stop it from tipping.


These are easily the most fun but do cost a bit more. They can be particularly tall and offer different levels with a variety of activities on each one. If you have more than one cat, the multiple sisal covered poles on a lot of treehouse products are ideal.

 Wall Mounted

If your cat is particularly boisterous, heavy, tall, or strong then these are the sturdiest types of cat scratching posts you can find. The better products are tall enough so your cat doesn’t miss and claw the wall and comes with everything you need to keep it in place.


These popular designs look a little different but are of dual purpose. The curved shape provides a comfortable area for a cat to rest and they are often made from recycled cardboard so they are tempting for those sharp claws.

Because of their design, they are reversible which makes them last twice as long.

 Sofa Corner

These attach to the corner area of a sofa and can be made from either sisal or cardboard. The problem is they still attract a cat to the sofa area but they easily slip under the sofa to stay in place.

 How Much Does A Cat Scratching Post Cost?

The good news is that a cat scratching post doesn’t have to cost a lot to give you some relief for your belongings. A budget option can cost around $10 and although this won’t last long, it can provide a distraction for your cat for a while.

If you want a product that is going to last a long time then you will have to look closer to $40. This will get you one of the best cat scratching posts available with a sturdy base and sisal material that lasts.

A treehouse design will likely set you back around $60 and above but these do tend to last the longest and have more than a few functions.

 How Many Scratching Posts Should A Cat Have?

For most households, one scratching post per cat is sufficient. You will find that when cats have to share one, they wear a lot faster and things can get tricky if they want to use it at the same time.



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