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Even though you like your cat, maintaining the litter box is undoubtedly not your greatest part of being a pet owner. The good news is that buying cat litter doesn’t have to take up more of your time. An excellent cat litter that not only keeps your pet (and your home) clean but also shows up to your door whenever you need it is an excellent choice.

So that you never again forget to buy litter, we’ve put together a list of the best cat litter subscription services. As they are appropriate for all types of cats, you can select one that fits your lifestyle and budget (and cat owners).

Best Natural: Skoon Cat Litter

Skoon Cat Litter
Skoon Cat Litter
Skoon is a natural cat litter manufactured from diatomite stones. The odors of pee and feces are readily absorbed by this eco-friendly, sponge-like material without clumping. Because the litter is completely chemical-free and biodegradable, it can be used without any issues by even the most delicate cats. You can choose to have a bag or a pre-filled box of cat litter sent right to your door each month. When using bagged litter, you can choose between the original diatom pebbles from Skoon and a fine-grain litter.
Like many new things, Skoon could take some time for your cat to get used to. The business offers a risk-free trial so you may get your money back because it simply won't work for the feline buddy. If your cat has allergies or other health difficulties, Skoon is a great organic option.

Best for Sustainability: Catalyst Pet

Catalyst Pet
Catalyst Pet
What else is better than caring for your cat? carrying it out while protecting the environment Catalyst Pet is really litter made from recycled waste soft pine wood. The company offers three different types of litter: multi-cat, healthy cat, and unscented. The Healthy Cat option utilizes a light pine scent, but the Multi-cat version adds a natural oil clumping agent to make it simple for you to clean your box once a week.
A single cat will visit your door once every 30 days for $20 a month. You may also test the litter without a membership for $22.99 per bag.

Best Lightweight: Boxiecat

You may purchase premium cat litter from Boxiecat online, and they will bring it to your house. Boxiecat High Quality Clay and Boxiecat Lightweight are the two varieties of litter that are offered. The four options offered for each edition are BoxiePro (a probiotic litter that aids in the breakdown of bacteria and prevents your cat from spreading germs throughout your home once it steps out of the box), Boxiecat Extra Strength, Boxiecat Scent-Free, and Boxiecat Gentle Scented.
Since all of the litters group together, spills are simple to clean up as needed. You have the choice of purchasing a bag once and having it delivered once every day to once every 15 months, or you can subscribe to regular deliveries. By including the company's BoxiePro Litter Extender to your order, you can also increase the longevity of your litter and reduce contamination. Prices range from $19.99 to $30.99 depending on the quantity and type of litter you choose.

Best Overall: Kitty Poo Club


Kitty Poo Club is a cat litter delivery service that arrives at your door once every thirty days. You don’t even need to set it up because it is that easy to use. Every month, you receive a disposable litter box that is already packed with cat litter, saving you from having to lug a large container from the shop. You can select from clay, silica, diatomite, fine-grain litter, organic soy litter, and other box types for $25 each month. As an alternative, they also sell litter bags for about $21 each month. You can pick from a variety of add-ons each month, including cat toys, food, and scoops or matting for the litter box.

Since Kitty Poo Club offers nearly everything you could possibly need for your cat with just one subscription, it is our top pick for cat lovers who want to simplify cat ownership. It also works well in small spaces where there isn’t enough room to store litter boxes.

Best Health Monitoring: PrettyLitter


Your cat can’t tell you when it’s time to go to the vet, but PrettyLitter might be able to. The amount of specific urine components, like as blood, acid, and alkaline, that are present will determine how much colored litter is delivered each month by the subscription service. This aids in monitoring your cat’s health and alerts you to any problems. PrettyLitter will be made of the thin, very absorbent substance silica gel. However, some cats can be picky, and it might take some effort to convince one of these cats to use a Silica Gel litter.

PrettyLitter frequently offers a 30-day free trial so you can decide if it’s the best option for your cat. One cat costs $22 per month, while two cats cost $40 per month. Prices increase from there based on how many cats you have.

Best for New Cat Owners:


You can subscribe to receive’s clay-based clumping litter delivered to your door every three months for $20 per month per cat (billed quarterly). The company also provides a monthly subscription for a cat box that includes food, toys, and other goodies. As a monthly surprise for your pet or as a nice gift for a friend who just got a cat.

There is no risk-free option available, however you can always change or terminate your membership. Since it is low-dust and all-natural, the brand’s cat litter has a feel that is similar to many of the products your cat may be used to. Therefore, it is a great solution for picky cats who might not feel comfortable with unfamiliar textures.

Final Verdict

By setting up a kitty litter subscription, having a pet may become a little easier each month. There are a few options, but our favorites were the options for chemical-free litter and the ability to select the ideal product for your cat. Businesses like Boxiecat and PrettyLitter offer innovative options if you want a high-end litter. Anyone who owns a cat can buy convenient litter from companies like Kitty Poo Club.

Query and Response

How many pounds of cat litter do you require each month?

How much cat litter you need will depend on the particular activities of your cat. A single cat, though, often uses 28 to 40 pounds of litter every month. Usually, a subscription will give you 30-day access to the litter you require.

Exactly how often should litter be changed?

How often you need to replace your cat’s litter box will depend on the type of litter you use. A clumping litter may only need to be changed every two to three weeks if the clumps are regularly swept away. Other varieties, like Kitty Poo Club, are designed to be discarded after 30 days but use odor-eliminating technology to prolong the life of the litter.

Are Cat Litter Subscriptions More Expensive?

Subscriptions for cat litter are often less expensive than well-known store-bought litters. Although you might have to pay a little bit more each month for the litter, the bulk of subscription services offer cat litter with modern technology and higher-quality ingredients. The majority of establishments provide free delivery, and a few even give discounts to households with many cats.

How We Chosen the Best Cat Litter Subscriptions

We examined every subscription service for cat litter on the market and focused on those that offered safe, reputable litter solutions for your cat. We also looked for companies that made it straightforward to buy cat litter, like Kitty Poo Club, and those that offered add-on goods, like, to make buying your cat’s necessities easier.

We gave high marks to businesses who offered cutting-edge kitty litter solutions, such as PrettyLitter’s health-monitoring system, because their product is truly unique. Because cat litter may be hazardous to the environment and even to your cat, ecological and sustainable companies like Skoon Cat Litter made our list for their health-conscious alternatives.



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